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Customer Testimonials
"NDCA is a positive and encouraging influence on developing youth. It has tremendously increased my child's self-confidence while maintaining a very high level of ethics and morals. Keep up the great work!!!"
-Karen Williams & Makayla Pate
"You guys have helped us so much over the years! We love you!"
-David and Chari Williams
"Our family has been involved with NDCA for several years now. We have students from beginning to competition levels. The experience has given a sense of self-esteem and confidence, an experience of working toward a goal, cooperating with a group, listening and following instructions, and an opportunity for healthy physical activity. The teachers and office personnel are very helpful and affirming."
-Mary Ann Clark
"Breanna has been with NDCA for six years. It is amazing to watch her now and see how much she has learned. She likes coming to dance. It is a lot of work, but the teachers also make it fun. Thanks!"
-Laura Robertson
"We like the environment of classes and instruction. My daughter enjoys her classes very much!"
-Kristie Norton
"NDCA provides a positive, Christian atmosphere where students can express themselves. It is also a great and safe learning environment."
-Teresa O'Pry
"My daughter truly enjoys her dance classes and loves her teachers. She gets upset when we have a break from dance, because she loves it so much!"
-Christine Hayes
"My daughter and I are glad that she became involved in classes at NDCA three years ago, because her technique has improved greatly. Also, she is learning in a kind and caring, Christian atmosphere. I would recommend NDCA to anyone wanting to learn dance in a fun and energized place."
-Patricia & Sarah Robey