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Group Fitness Classes

Hello friends!

Today’s blog will be information about Newport Athletic and Fitness Academy, a division of Newport Arts and Athletics (NAA). Our new fitness academy offers group fitness classes and NOW personal training for all ages. Today’s blog will specifically cover some details about a few of the group fitness classes that we offer.

1.      Zumba Fitness Classes- Zumba Fitness is a Latin-inspired dance class. Cardio is emphasized through the infusion of dance styles such as: Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Reggaeton, and MORE!

Newport Athletic & Fitness Academy has two licensed Zumba Fitness Instructors, Susan McMahan and Juliana Munsey. Both teachers love what they do and enjoy sharing that passion for dance and fitness with their students.

Zumba Fitness classes are recommended for ages 12 and older. All ability levels are welcome! Whether you’re a natural dancer or a dancer at heart, you CAN participate in this class.

A common misconception is that if one has had no dance experience, they are not fit for this class. This could not be further from the truth. As long as you can move, YOU CAN dance. You do not have to match the instructor completely, and you shouldn’t. The instructor does this for a living and is also the choreographer many times, so of course, he/she should know the material and be good at leading it. Fellow classmates will be on different levels. Regular attendees, of course, may know some of the routines better, but you will as well the more you come!

Don’t let the fear of being seen not knowing what you’re doing stop you, because the truth is…everyone (including the instructors) are concentrating on performing the steps, exercising, and most importantly having FUN! All eyes will not be on you, and you will not be singled out in class.

So as soon as we post our schedule is posted, see when you can join us and please do!

2.      High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)/Circuits- HIIT/Circuit classes are offered for students 12 and older. Strength training, cardio, bodyweight exercises, and stretching are combined to create a unique total body workout.

In this unique class, exercises are first demonstrated by the instructor for any new students or returning students who may need a review or learning a new skill. Then, students perform exercises simultaneously or in circuit rotations. The instructor will work out with you so that demonstration is ongoing but may pause to assist/guide students in doing skills correctly. He/she will advise you on modifications depending on your fitness level.

Each exercise is performed in 30-60 second intervals. You do as much as you can physically do well in that time frame. We then rotate to the next exercise. Sometimes exercises are repeated to target a specific muscle.

A HIIT/Circuit routine is great for the individual who likes change because we never do the same workout twice.

3.      Stretch/Relaxation- A stretch/relaxation class is a great way to unwind, relax/relieve tension in the muscles, and cool down/rest muscles after an intense workout. Benefits of stretching include:

·        Injury prevention

·        Increased flexibility/range of motion

·        Prevention of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscles Soreness)

·        Stress relief

·        Improvement of posture

Our stretch class includes a warmup, deep breathing, Yoga, and stretches that are beneficial to the athlete or average person.

Many muscle injuries occur by simply reaching or turning the wrong way. Increased/regular practice in flexibility/stretching could assist you in having a better range of motion and make it easier to do everyday tasks.

These are just a few of the class offerings at Newport Health and Fitness, a division of Newport Arts and Athletics (also known as Newport Dance & Cheer Academy). For more information on these classes, please contact us at…

Phone (423) 623-4113


Or check us out on Facebook

Thank you for your time!

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