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Scholarship Essay Contest

Announcing 2017 Scholarship Contest Winners:

High School Senior- Harley Ramsey

$100 prize for 1st Semester books/fees

4th Grader- Taelyr Ball

$50 scholarship for NDCA's 2017-18 class year


Students must write a 5 paragraph essay answering the question, "Why do I dance?"

Students must currently be enrolled in dance classes at a school or studio. Essays may be handwritten or typed. Student work only may be submitted. Parental assistance is encouraged, but it must clearly be original work.

Remember to cite any sources or quotes to avoid plagiarism.

Entries must be submitted to NDCA by Thursday, March 30th.

**The winner will be announced at our

2017 Recital program on April 8th.**

Copyright: NDCA, Inc. All rights reserved.

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