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We have something for everyone at Newport Arts & Athletics

"Our family has been involved with NDCA for several years now. We have students from beginning to competition levels. The experience has given a sense of self-esteem and confidence, an experience of working toward a goal, cooperating with a group, listening and following instructions, and an opportunity for healthy physical activity. The teachers and office personnel are very helpful and affirming."

-Mary Ann Clark

"NDCA has been an unbelievable blessing to our family!! On average, Lexie is at the dance studio more than she is at home. Being able to say that while she is away from me, she is getting not just dance lessons but life lessons is more than any parent can hope for their child! Life lessons from someone that you can trust with your child during the very informative years - someone that teaches them to value themselves and others - someone that shows them how to do life with grace and dignity - someone that puts expectations on them but also gives them praise they deserve!! Susan McMahan puts her heart and soul in to every part of that dance studio and sacrifices personal and family time to bring these girls an outlet they can use instead of all the bad things that want to pull our children away!!"

-Lora Wright

Customer Testimonials

"NDCA provides a positive, Christian atmosphere where students can express themselves. It is also a great and safe learning environment."

-Teresa O'Pry

"My daughter started dance at 3 years old, we knew when we choose NDCA it would not just be a dance studio business, it was a home where we had family. It's hard leaving your child, but dropping Taelyr off at dance, I knew she was loved and enjoying an activity that made her happy. As she grew older, dance has taught her so much more. She has self confidence, responsibility and is a goal setter. Susan McMahan teaches them love, patience and hard work, and for that I am thankful. She is building and molding these young ladies for a lifetime. Susan pours her heart and wisdom into her students, and I could never say, "Thank you," enough!"

-Tiffany Ball

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