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Recommendation and Common Misconceptions

Newport Arts and Athletics

(also known as Newport Dance & Cheer Academy, Inc.)

receives recommendation from one of our clients about

"I would highly recommend Susan McMahan as a personal trainer for several reasons. She helped me establish fitness goals and then designed work out sessions specifically for each goal. Workouts were varied and never got boring. The results of my sessions were extremely beneficial. Over the course of 3 weeks, 2 sessions per week, I lost 3.6 pounds and several inches. Susan’s enthusiasm for fitness is contagious!"


Perhaps taking that first step is the most difficult part. Today, I want to assure you that you are not alone. Everyone has concerns when it comes to starting a new fitness program, specifically group classes. Here are just a few of those common misconceptions about group exercise classes, along with reasons why we should not let our fears get the best of us!

1. I need to be in better shape before I start. Now, let's be honest here. Should we all be perfect before we go to church too? The answer is NO. A fitness program is designed to help us improve, to become a better us. No matter what level we are, we ALL have to start somewhere. Today can be the day. It may not be easy, but a start is better than the nothing. Today there may be one step, but tomorrow there may be two, then three, then four! It's one day at a time and one workout at a time folks!

2. Everyone will be watching you. First of all, if everyone is doing what they're supposed to be doing, they should not have time to watch you. And if they are busy watching you, either you look fabulous OR they aren't getting much of a workout themselves. Watching isn't going to accomplish much, so if that's what someone else is doing, it's their loss. The truth is, everyone is working out (NOT JUST YOU). At Newport Athletic & Fitness Academy, all of us are busy trying to do the exercises at our own pace, with the best form we can, and to the best of our ability. While a teacher may be there to instruct you on how to do exercises correctly and safely, he/she is not judging you or your current ability level.

3. I cannot do it like the instructor or the other people in class. Remember, if you could do it exactly like the instructor, you'd probably be teaching the class instead of taking it. The instructor has to train and practice to be able to teach you that class, so he/she is working at a completely different level/place to ensure that you receive your best instruction.As far as other people in the class, they had to start somewhere too. If someone else is good at what they do, ask them how they got there. I am sure you will find that, they too, had to have a start. They probably attend class as regularly as they can, and they may even have built up the confidence and knowledge to do some things at home on their own as well.If you are there to learn, you will learn how to do the skills in time. But, it does take some time. Be patient., be attentive and do your best.

4. I don't wanna look like I don't know what I am doing. Once again, you are taking a class. Everyone is there with the same goal, to learn how to be better and feel better. Your fitness level is yours. If you're getting started, don't be afraid to ask because someone beside you may be wondering the same thing. Sure, it may take another minute or so the first few times, but once you understand, you won't have to ask anymore. Who knows? Your asking may help you to know how to help someone else one day.

5. What if I can't keep up with everyone? No one is at the same level. Do what YOU can do. If it's only eight reps today, next week it may be ten. If you can only do jumping jacks for thirty seconds before needing to rest, next week you may be doing forty-five seconds before having to rest. Maybe today you cannot reach past your knees. In a few weeks, you may be reaching your ankles.Not to mention, if your focus is on everyone around you...are you really going to do your best? Probably not. Your only competition is yourself. The only person you need to be stronger than, is the person you were yesterday. That is how you improve.

As you can see, there are common concerns when starting a fitness program. Everyone has to start somewhere, and we can help you do that at Newport Arts and Athletics. CALL (423) 623-4113 to join a class or ask about personal training services.

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